How white label products can monetize your traffic?

By Prateek Sanjay2018-05-24 No Comments

The objective is to show how web portals can monetize existing traffic and generate long-term revenues compensating decreasing ad revenues.

A recent trend

What we have observed is that online advertising traffic is not translating to increased ad revenues. You need to keep boosting traffic just to keep revenues stable.

What is causing this immense drought in digital advertising? There’s many factors.

Modern technology has given us a wealth of data on the customer, but all this data tells us nothing about how to sell to him. Basically we don’t know what to do with all this data. So the advertising firepower is limited by this bottleneck. Moreover, the biggest digital advertising companies are Google and Facebook, and that means for everyone else, surviving as an advertiser is increasingly harder.

Plus, customers can block your ads, which means they online ads are no longer useful for bringing revenues. But there is one more reason for poor advertising revenues, with which we all sympathise.

We all hate ads.

The main purpose of interacting with a customer is to help solve a customer’s problems. And advertising is not about solving customer problems. It is about bombarding them with pleas to buy something they don’t need. A new model for improving advertising revenues should involve offering the customer something they actually need.

How to solve the problem?

At Xchanger, we started thinking that maybe directly solving the customer’s financial problems could be an answer. And that is how we conceived of our widget.

Let’s say you run an online portal that shows properties for purchase in different countries. One of the major problems your users face is that they face huge fees when sending money abroad to buy or reserve a property. Possibly, they are unaware that they can reduce the money transfer costs by up to 10% by using the right transfer platform.

What are the benefits?

By installing a comparison widget, the property portal can allow its users to see transfer costs across Azimo, Currencyfair, and other providers for hundreds of currencies and countries. Instantly, the property portal gains more users by reducing their costs, the users increase their convenience for buying properties, and we at Xchanger bring increased value to our money operator partners.

Multiple parties found benefits, and all without forcefully barraging or intruding on the website browsing space.We have already experimented this approach with multiple partners, and brought them increased revenues and traffics over a six month period – claims Monika Kania, Xchanger’s CEO

Poland’s largest web portal, Onet installed this widget on their business section, and instantly reduced the advertising clutter, while showing a useful service on their website free of charge to the customer. The Bonnier Group’s Polish division also found an appeal in installation of this widget for their finance portal, Bankier.

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